Robustel are pleased to announce that our next-generation 5G IoT router, the R5020 is now RCM approved for Australia and New Zealand!

For more information on the Robustel high-speed industrial router R5020 visit:

The CE mark is a worldwide certification mark indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within Europe; while the RCM approval ratifies electrical safety, energy efficiency for the electrical equipment for sale into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Despite a sizable demand in the IoT marketplace, Robustel continue to follow best practice within the wireless industry by obtaining CE approval as a minimum before bringing a product to market. This is to make sure that our global network of distributors and re-sellers have access to best in class, compliant hardware with a cost-effective price point.

Suitable Applications

With its on-board smarts, compact size and a competitive price point, the R5020 is the perfect solution for In-vehicle Applications, Fixed-Line Replacement and Failover with minimal configuration or engineering requirements. With its industrial interfaces the R5020 also opens doors for IoT applications in manufacturing, agriculture, security and smart cities that need high speed internet access.

KEY FEATURES of the R5020

  • Global 5G/4G/3G cellular coverage
  • Supports Ethernet, Wi-fi and 4G/5G internet with WAN-failover
  • Fully programmable Operating System with a well documented SDK
  • Multiple industry standard VPN options available including DMVPN & IPSEC
  • GNSS/GPS & ignition sensing for in-vehicle applications
  • Powerful device management and monitoring functions through RCMS
  • Industrial strength metal enclosure with a small footprint – DIN-rail + wall mount options