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Robustel ANZ Partner Program Overview & Benefits

Add a leading global IoT solution to your business today!

Joining the Robustel ANZ partner program opens up access to the full portfolio of devices and software from one of the worlds leading IoT solutions providers.

Fully supported by our local team, Robustel ANZ takes the hard work out of bringing a global product into the Australia & New Zealand market by handling local compliance, customs, landing and support leaving you to find and service your customers as you see fit.

Partner Pricing & Rebates

Add a new revenue stream to your business by selling and bundling Robustel hardware and software into your current portfolio.

Deal Registration

Protect your hard earned opportunities with our deal registration system.

Technical Support

With engineers and offices across Australia you can assure your customers a solution for technical issues is a phone call away.

Regular Training

With monthly webinars from Robustel and a team of local experts we can offer training for you and your customers as required.

Pre-Sales Support

Not sure of the right product for your customers? Our pre-sales team can help make sure you are selling exactly what your customer needs.

Marketing Support

Get access to a huge global library of Robustel marketing material and sales tools to make your life easier.

Who is the Robustel ANZ Partner Program for?

Traditional ICT & Electronic Hardware Distribution Businesses

Are you already warehousing and selling networking products? Add another dimension to your business by supplying a range of routers and gateways designed to capture the growing IoT network connectivity market.

Fixed and Wireless Connectivity Providers

Robustel products are the perfect addon solution for Internet Services Providers (ISP), Mobile Network Operators (MNO) & Mobile Virtuval Network Operators (MVNO) who want to add hardware to their offering.

Systems Integrators and Design Services Companies

If you are involved in a business that helps to design and provide IoT/Wireless solutions to your customers then consider adding the Robustel product line to your standard offering to offer globally proven IoT connectivity.

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