IoT Software

Robustel offer applications, operating systems and platforms that allow you to manage your fleet of devices with ease!

Our Software Suite


Effortlessly monitor, manage, and control your fleet of devices. Our RCMS platform provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to view device status, signal strength, data usage, and more. Easily maintain your fleet through over-the-air updates.

Robust OS Pro

RobustOS Pro (ROS PRO) is Robustel’s latest operating system for Robustel’s new range of Edge Computing Gateways.
Built on a Debian Linux distribution, ROS PRO is effectively two operating systems in one.

Robust OS

RobustOS is Robustel’s proprietary router operating system.
Built from the ground up around the Linux Kernel, RobustOS allows for lightweight firmware and application delivery across the Robustel product range.


Edge2Cloud (E2C) is a collection of software applications that can run within Robustel’s “RobustOS” operating system to provide IoT Gateway functionality at both a hardware and software level. 

Smart Roaming

SMART roaming is a new technology available exclusively in Robustel routers to increase cellular (3G/4G) connection reliability to the levels required by IoT and M2M solution providers.