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Robustel White Papers

Managing and Overcoming the Challenges Presented by Global 4G/LTE IoT Deployments

This white-paper from Robustel introduces the challenges of and Robustel’s solutions to LTE Frequency fragmentation & expensive mandatory and operator certification requirements.

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A Practical Guide to 3G/4G (IoT) Router Security

This white-paper from Robustel introduces a selection of core security concepts associated with deploying cellular (3G/4G) Routers and Gateways.

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Application of Multi-network SIMs for 4G Backhaul in LoRaWAN Gateways

Multi-network (aka roaming) Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) have often been proposed as the solution to intermittent or unreliable Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), communications, but this is only half the story…

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Using Robustel Routers in PCI DSS Compliant Applications

Point-of-Sale (POS) businesses are subject to stringent requirements to protect sensitive customer and company information. One example is that financial institutions require any company that stores, processes or transmits credit card information should comply with PCI-DSS

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SMART Roaming – Next generation 3G/4G reliability

SMART Roaming is a new technology available exclusively in Robustel routers to increase GSM connection reliability to the levels required by IoT and M2M solution providers.

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LoRaWAN Network Server – Integrated or Cloud-hosted

This article is designed to help those embarking on a new business venture or concept using LoRaWAN technology to understand the options and impact of the choice of LoRaWAN network server type.

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The Business Benefits of Robustel POE Solutions

Power over Ethernet, commonly abbreviated to ‘PoE’, is a simple concept that describes how to deliver both power and data to an electronic device over the same piece of (typically) CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable.

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Robustel Case Studies

Intercake – Deploying IoT Connected Cake Printers to Supermarkets Across the UK


Intercake was established in 2004 to develop a new cake printing system for all sizes of retail outlets. The company is based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


Intercake worked closely with Robustel’s  IoT Solutions Architect, to solve three critical business challenges.

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Koolzone & Robustel – Cold-Chain Monitoring of COVID-19 Vaccines


Koolzone focus on monitoring refrigeration temperatures as a disruptor to themanually intensive practices employed by the food sector to meet food safety standards.


Koozone worked closely with Robustel’s Global IoT Solutions Architect, to solve two critical business challenges for Vaccination Monitoring.

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