Robustel are pleased to announce that our family of ‘Lite-Industrial’ IoT devices the R1500 & R151X have completed testing and certification as part of the Telstra IoT/M2M Certified Embedded Modules and Integrated Devices program.

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The Telstra Certification program is for Cellular Embedded Modules and Integrated Devices that have been certified for use on the Telstra Mobile Network. Devices with this certification have passed Telstra’s IoT/M2M Certification Program as meeting Telstra’s mandatory criteria and guidelines.

Achieving this certification once again cements Robustel’s commitment to making sure that our Australian based network of distributors and re-sellers have access to best in class, compliant hardware with a cost-effective price point.

3G sunset ready

With Telstra announcing the closure of their 3G network in 2024 (Read more here) Robustel wanted to make sure that customers using the 3G network for low-cost, low latency, industrial and M2M applications had a suitable suite of alternative products with Telstra Certification.

Approximately 60-65% of all IoT/M2M devices in Australia are still using the 3G network and with only 2 years left to prepare we want to help customers as much as possible with a smooth transition to a comparable product at a cost effective price point.

3G M2M/IoT Applications the R1500 & R151X series are suited for

  • Payments & Transactions
    • ATM Machines
    • EFTPOS Terminals & Payment Gateways
    • Vending Machines
  • Utilities & Distribution
    • Smart Meters
    • Sub Metering
    • Solar Monitoring
  • Agriculture & Environmental
    • Irrigation Control
    • Weather Stations
    • Dataloggers
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
    • Remote PLC Management
    • Forklift Monitoring
    • Warehouse Management and Monitoring
  • Transport & Infrastructure
    • Smart Parking
    • Road Signs & LED Boards
    • Smart Lighting
  • Security
    • Alarm Panels
    • Access Control
    • Static Imaging/Cameras