LiftTech have developed a brand new all-in-one elevator technology platform that will become a central hub for all Peripheral Lift Technologies including Communications, IoT, Digital Signage, CCTV, and VMS

29th November 2023, Sydney, Australia


LiftTech, known for delivering high-quality customer-first technology focusing on safety and compliance, have partnered with Robustel ANZ.
This partnership marks the commencement of a new era in elevator technology in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand into other markets.
The collaboration is born from LiftTech’s deep industry knowledge and Robustel’s expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality wireless routers and gateways. It is hoped it will address the limited options in the ANZ market, and foster healthy competition.

LiftTech and Robustel ANZ have embarked on a highly cooperative venture to revolutionise elevator technology. LiftTech’s role is to design and provide guidance on compliance, market needs, and technology opportunities, while Robustel ANZ bring their engineering and manufacturing expertise to meet these specifications.

Since its establishment in 2016, LiftTech has built a strong presence in the ANZ market, focusing on integrity and genuine customer-first technological solutions. Robustel, founded in 2010, has earned global respect for its innovative technology, evidenced by Red Dot Design and IoT Breakthrough Awards.

Guy Richards, Managing Director of LiftTech, stated, “The ability to use technology, first and foremost for the benefit of our customers, is everything we set out to achieve. We are very proud and excited to now be able to deliver technology that not only meets their immediate needs but also protects our customers against future advancements, potentially saving significant costs.”

James Mack, General Manager of Robustel ANZ, added, “We pride ourselves on producing high-quality hardware and software that work horizontally across the technology space. This is the first time we have really embarked on a more vertical-focused solution, so partnering with a company that provides deep industry insight is immeasurably beneficial to all involved.”

The partnership’s first major achievement is the launch of the EV8100 All-in-One Elevator Gateway in Oceania, set to redefine the Peripheral Lift Technology market. This open, non-proprietary, flexible, and functional elevator connectivity hub enables easy addition of new technology and requirements.

Developed with a lean approach, the EV8100 is competitively priced and currently available. It introduces a new ecosystem of possibilities, eliminating the costly integration of proprietary systems and redundant hardware and ongoing subscriptions.

About LiftTech: Specialising in Peripheral Lift Technology solutions, LiftTech possesses a unique skill set that enables work with any lift type and brand globally, independent of the incumbent lift maintenance provider. Their portfolio includes Lift Communication Systems, Elevator IoT, Digital Noticeboards, In-car LED Lighting, and other systems that enhance elevator asset value for building owners.

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About Robustel ANZ: Robustel ANZ was formed in 2016 due to the growing popularity of Robustel IoT products in the Australian & New Zealand market with an identified need to provide local warehousing, technical and commercial support. Robustel ANZ are one of the few companies in the world granted the ‘Master Distributor’ status with Robustel allowing them to operate as an extension of the global Robustel brand dedicated to serving the local market.

For further information, please contact Robustel ANZ  at or

About Robustel: Established in 2010 in Guangzhou, China – Robustel are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial IoT/M2M routers, modems & gateways. Specialising in cellular/wireless technology such as 5G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, LPWAN & LoRaWAN.

Today Robustel products are used in over 120 countries, and distributed by a network of dedicated global partners.


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